Hot And Cold Insulation

Proper design of insulation system has significant effect on the operation of cold and hot equipment. In order to achieve an optimum design of insulation system, beside proper selection of insulation type, optimum design and correct installation have significant importance. FANKAVAN ENERGY POOYA Company along with HEDCO with capability of Direct Fired Heater, Reformer and Cryogenic Tanks design has achieved design and selection know-how of different insulating materials.


Hot Insulation Engineering

FEPCO engineering team will design and specify all details of refractories during detail engineering. Proper selection of different types of refractories such as ceramic fiber, fire bricks and cast materials is an important factor for safe operation of fired heater. Moreover, all installation procedures and required specification will be issued by FEPCO. A special in-house software has been developed by HEDCO specialist, enables us to estimate different parameters like outside surface temperature, heat loss, expansion and contraction.


Cold Insulation Engineering

Utilizing HEDCO know-how of cryogenic tanks design, FEPCO is able to design various parts of insulation system in cryogenic tanks. Boil of calculation, finite element modeling of heat loss, engineering drawings, and installation procedures normally are issued by FEPCO.

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