Desalination Unit

Crude Oil Desalting Package

FEPCO is able to acquire the knowledge required for designing and manufacturing various process packages in oil, gas, and petrochemical plants. Among them is the “Crude Oil Desalting” unit which can be designed in a single stage or two stages depending on the flow rate and quality of the crude. These packages may also be arranged in parallel in order to meet the process requirements. A schematic flow diagram of a single-stage crude desalting package is shown in the following figure.


The desalting vessel shall be accurately sized considering the viscosity of the crude and a limit for the heating costs.  FEPCO cooperates with its well-known international partners in order to provide the whole package with a competitive price and the best quality in accordance to the standards, specifications, and the client’s need. If quoted by client, FEPCO can supply the emulsifier and perform laboratory tests for crude and chemicals.