Injection Packages

Metering packages are widely used in oil and gas industries; examples are phosphate, ammonia, and anti-foaming agent injection units in petrochemical plants, and scale inhibitor and anti-corrosion agent injection units in oil refineries. FEPCO is able to design, manufacture, and install all types of metering packages used in oil and gas industries.

The most important part in a chemical metering package is the positive displacement pump which provides the driving force for a chemical compound to be injected at a certain volume rate.

Other parts can be itemized as

  • Storage tank
  • Calibration column
  • Feed and calibration valves
  • Pulsation dampeners
  • Pressure gauge
  • Safety and pressure relief valves

A schematic of the package is shown in the following figure.


Metering, Mixing, and Injection Packages 1