Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Production

Today, hydrogen is a need in refinery and petrochemical plants as well as other chemical, pharmaceutical, food, glass, and steel industries.  Therefore, due to the differences in the quantity and purity of hydrogen consumed in these various industries, finding an economical method and equipment for producing hydrogen is inevitable. Different methods for hydrogen production include

  • Steam/natural gas reforming (SMR);
  • Partial oxidation of hydrocarbons;
  • Conversion of carbon monoxide to hydrogen;

Among them, generally, steam reforming is the most suitable industrial approach for which versatile technologies has been developed to meet a wide range of requirements. A schematic block flow diagram of the process is shown in the following figure.


FEPCO with the cooperation of its well-known international partners is able to provide clients with the most suitable solution in accordance to their requirements. Moderately small packages can be delivered as modules to be simply assembled at site. Large packages may require some piping and/or structural works at site.