Chemical Injection Packages

Hampa Energy Engineering and Design Company (HEDCO) has been established with its target to design and engineering oil, gas, and petrochemical plants. Since its establishment, HEDCO has focused on developing and transferring new technologies in Iran. Due to the endless efforts, HEDCO has achieved the essential knowledge for the basic of an ammonia plant and today it can design new plants based on its own ammonia license.

The know-how of the cryogenic tanks and steam methane reformers for methanol and ammonia plants are other examples of the technologies developed in HEDCO. HEDCO has prepared a dedicated R&D Technology division to provide its best quality technological services for national and international projects. FEPCO as subsidiary company of HEDCO will act as the manufacturing and supplier branch of HEDCO.

Steam methane reformer:

In recent years, the need for hydrogen to be used in petrochemical plants and refineries has been growing at a rather fast pace. The economical means to produce hydrogen in these industries is “steam methane reforming”. A mixture of methane and steam convert to hydrogen and carbon-dioxide. This reaction occurs at a high temperature