Due to a long running time, the lifetime of most petrochemical plants and refineries working in Iran has already finished. Therefore, they require a constant maintenance which is a costly procedure. In order to reduce costs and increase the performance, revamping of the plants is essential. FEPCO is able to perform the revamping procedure for its specialty equipment with the cooperation of HEDCO. The revamping project may aim to debottlenecking, upgrading, or increasing the capacity of an equipment. FEPCO can provide different levels of service including consulting, supply, and installation at site depending on the purchaser’s will. The successful revamping of the steam/methane reformer of the second ammonia unit in Razi petrochemical complex is an example of such projects. In this project, all engineering and procurement services required for upgrading the refractory and insulation of the reformer was performed by experienced FEPCO’s personnel.